Terms of Service

General Rules
Affiliate site ("agency") must observe completely all the agreement and conditions that are defined below. DTI Services ("our company") reserves the right to stop advertising distribution service and refuses payment of commissions to the agency which broke these agreement and conditions.

Privacy Protection of Users
DTI Services will never reveal any user's information to an agency for privacy protection.

Privacy Protection of Agencies
DTI Services will never reveal any information of agencies to a third person.

Veto of Service
DTI Services will refuse offer of service to the agency which is not qualified as a partner site. The decision will be made by DTI Services, and we are under no obligation to explain the reason.

How to Discriminate Users
An agency will be paid commissions for every sale via online credit card settlement. DTI Services adopted Cookie System to discriminate which sales generated from which agency.

ID & Password
An agency must not reveal ID and the password issued by DTI Services to a third person. Also DTI Services will not reveal ID and the password of an agency for any requests by a third person. However, in case the agency claims the loss of information, he can receive his own information after his ID was verified.

Administrator Responsibility
An agency is responsible for the site which he advertises. DTI Services assume no responsibility for advertisers.

When an Agency Performs an Unjust Act
DTI Services reserves the right to cancel a contract with an agency which breaks the agreement, or performs such act as spamming and other lack of social morals. When DTI Services suffers damage by those acts, the amount of money corresponding to the damage can be deducted and offset from the payment margin to the agency.

The Computation Period of the Standard of This Service
Every 1st day of the month till the last day of the month will be considered as one computation period.

Effective Number of Sales
Based on the above standard, the number of membership sales in a month will be counted as valid count of the month. However, duplicate accounts due to double registration become invalid. According to certain situations, when the sales-count system changes, an agency will be notified from DTI Services.

Charge of Commission
If the commission rate changes due to the change in foreign exchange rate, DTI Services can change the charge of commission. DTI Services will notify an agency in advance.

Change of Payment Date
DTI Services observe every last day of the month as a cut off day. The total payment minus $10 as direct deposit service charge will be deposited to an account of agency. When a payday is changed, an agency is notified in advance.

Affiliate Commissions
Affiliate commissions will be paid out monthly with a minimum amount $100(includes deposit service charge). If the total amount of commission after service charge is less than $100, the payment will be postponed until the amount reaches $100 minimum. The minimum for your first commission is $200. If you joined during our $75 signup campaign, your minimum payout for your first commission is $200.   

Charge Back
If an individual who registered by his credit card have a charge back for some reason, the amount will be deducted for agency's sales amount. This is effective indefinite. However if the total sales amount becomes minus, DTI Services will not bill its loss.

Surveillance by the System
By using the latest surveillance system for anti-illegal measure, DTI Services manages and observe partner sites. All illegal acts will be detected and recorded by the system. DTI Services will be the judge which act is considered illegal or unacceptable. DTI Services does not assume the duty to explain its decision.

Unjust Use of a Credit Card
In case of fraudulent act by the credit card information is revealed, a part of settlement will be deducted from the agency's total sales. When the agency perform unlawful act, his registration will be revoked and the entire proceeds will be confiscated.

Change of Application Matters
When there is any change in application matters, a partner site must notify to our company promptly, Since there is no notice of change from a partner site, when the thing of the notice or others from our company was not delay or does not arrive, our company does not take the responsibility.

Confidentiality of Information
A partner site must not reveal any information obtained by our company and its system, to public presentation or a third person. Those information include all the information displayed on an account management system and all the information written to the e-mail transmitted by our company.

Revision of Agreement and Conditions
This agreement and conditions may be changed and revised without partner's consent. even if there is no consent of a member. After the revision of agreement and conditions, they will be in effect and apply to all the relations between DTI Services and members. Any change or revision will be notified on a login screen.

Cancellation of Registration
DTI Services reserves the right to revoke or cancel registration with advance notice to a partner site for any reasons.

Effectuation of This Agreement and Conditions
Agreement and conditions become effective once application accepted this qualification and agreement become effective from the day DTI services received registration application from applicant.

Observance Duty of Statutes and Rules
To become a member, you must be at least 18 years or older (if legal age of your area is 20 years old or 21 years old, you must be at least 20 years or 21 years of age). You must respect and follow the laws of your own country.